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TV-PG | 45mins (approx.) | Comedy, Drama | 2012 (USA)
Hank Lawson is a doctor who can diagnose a person on the spot and treat them with whatever is around. When he chooses not to personally care for one of the trustees of the hospital where he works (who dies), he is unfairly blamed, fired and blackballed. After months of self loathing, his brother Evan (who is not exactly serious and responsible) takes him to the Hamptons for a break. While there, Hank prevents its local doctor from making a mistake during a medical emergency. Wealthy resident Boris asks if Hank would consider being the town’s g.p. or concierge doctor, and soon everyone in town begins calling Hank to treat them. He is also approached by a woman named Divya who wants to be his physician’s assistant, but only after meeting Jill Casey, the administrator of the local hospital, does Hank decide to stay, moving with Evan into Boris’ guest cottage. Timothée starred as Luke, a teenage geeky and awkward boy showing some questionable behavior. His run lasted for 4 episodes during seasons 3 and 4.


Rated: TV-PG
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama
Role: Luke
Co-Stars: Mark Feuerstein, Kim Shaw, Reshma Shetty, Paulo Costanzo (+ more)
Creator(s): Andrew Lenchewski, John P. Rogers
Director: Various (see episodes)
Producer(s): Michael Rauch, Andrew Lenchewski, Kathy Ciric, Mark Feuerstein, Jeff Drayer (+ more – see episodes)
Writer(s): Various (see episodes)
Release Dates: 15 February – 13 June 2012 (USA) – other countries
Production Company(ies): Universal Cable Productions, Prospect Park, USA Network
Distributor(s): USA Network,
Channel: USA
Filming Location(s): New York, USA

Episde List

S3 E15: Hand and the Deep Blue Sea

(aired 15 February 2012)
It’s time for Carlos Casseras Kuester Von Jurgens Ratinecz’s christening and Boris asks Hank to be the baby’s godfather, a somewhat scary proposition given the recent actions of Boris’s “crazy, murderous” family, as Evan puts it. When Claudette, a cousin from the Von Jurgen side of the family, interrupts the christening proceedings with an olive branch in hand, Boris sends her away. But she’s not giving up so easily. She asks Evan to deliver a mysterious package to Boris at exactly 5pm. Scared as to what the package contains, Evan immediately hands it off to Boris’s security guards, even though he hopes that it’s proof that Claudette comes in peace and not another attempt on Boris’s life.

Timothee’s character, Luke is first seen when meeting up with Hank telling him that his friend, Quincy has something that needs looked at. There, we see Luke’s questionable behavior start to concern the doctor.

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S3 E16: This One's for Jack

(aired 22 February 2012)
Hank is clearly having a hard time facing Jack’s death and has shut down his emotions-kind of like when Hank and Evan’s mom died, Evan points out. Unfortunately, Jill can’t really be a comfort to Hank because she’s feeling guilty about her part in Jack’s death when she unknowingly enabled him to delay his treatment. And since Jack stipulated in his will that he didn’t want a funeral, there doesn’t seem to be a forum for them to say their goodbyes and maybe even let themselves off the hook. Or is there?

While at the beach, Luke gets a physical done, by Hank, for chess camp.


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S4 E01: After the Fireworks

(aired 6 June 2012)
With the fight between Hank and Evan still fresh, Hank has already enlisted Jill to help him set up a new concierge practice while Evan is busy interviewing doctors to fill Hank’s position, including Van Dyke. Feeling responsible for the rift between the Lawson brothers and desperately not wanting her chosen family to be divided, Divya tries to help Hank and Evan bury the hatchet and put HankMed back together again, but it isn’t going to be easy. This time, the wounds are far more than superficial.

Luke and his family are seen getting ready for the Harborfest by preparing food at the restaurant. When Luke’s dad injures his hand, he questions staying home to help instead of going to camp.

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S4 E02: Imperfect Storm

S4 E02 “Imperfect Storm” (aired 13 June 2012)

Jill’s family clearly needs her now, but she has to weigh whether or not that’s enough of a reason not to go to Uruguay now that she has quit her job and sold her house. Is she past point of no return?

Jill’s nephew, Luke, manages to get himself kicked out of chess camp and starts displaying some disturbing behavior that has both Jill and Hank baffled. After breaking in to his Aunts house, Jill notices that Luke is acting very strange and calls Dr. Lawson. Quickly declining, Luke is taken to the hospital.

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