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‘Hostiles’ clips + Playing On Air Live news

For this last update of the year, I’ve added some older pictures from the Hamptons International Film Festival Variety’s Ten Actors to Watch event from October 7 and a behind the scenes image from Timmy recording ‘Misadventures’ by Donald Margulies for Playing On Air. According to their official Facebook page, this will become available as a podcast in February.

Some new ‘Hostiles’ clips have also been released and you can see those below.

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Some ‘Hostiles’ stuff + Happy Birthday!

Timothée turns 22 today. Happy birthday, Timmy! I’ve added some random older pictures to the gallery along with a ‘Hostiles’ still (you have to look for him on that one). You can also some some B-roll footage from behind the scenes of ‘Hostiles’ below. It’s out in limited release now, so if you have a chance to see it, do it!