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‘Dune’ feature in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has a new feature on ‘Dune’ which is accompanied by some great new photoshoot images which you can see in the gallery.

Villeneuve signed on to direct Dune in January 2017, just about a week after earning a Best Director Oscar nomination for Arrival. This did not escape the attention of then up-and-coming actor Timothée Chalamet, who made the most of the fact that he and Villeneuve each had movies on the awards circuit (Call Me by Your Name and Blade Runner 2049, respectively) later that year.

“Every room I was in with him, I’d try to put myself in his eyeline or just try to make him familiar with me,” Chalamet, 25, recalls. “He hadn’t seen Call Me by Your Name yet, but once he did he asked me to come meet him at the Cannes Film Festival where he was president of the jury, which did not feel casual at all. So I went out there and just had one of the coolest meetings ever with him, where I felt he was already treating me as a potential collaborator.”

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